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I’m shaving my beard for a cure!

Just over 15 years ago, I was diagnosed with AML Leukaemia.
Long story short, after 9 months in hospital, I walked out the front door to go home.
Unfortunately, not many people get that opportunity.

Today 31 people will get the news they have blood cancer.

According to Facebook, the last time I came close to shaving was about 3 years ago, and the beard has become quite attached since then. (Yep, I see what I did there), but there are more important things than a 3 year old chin-wig.

The money you give helps the Leukaemia Foundation to provide emotional and practical support to those facing blood cancer free of charge. The money will also help to fund research into better treatments and cures for blood cancer.

March 14 2015 will be the day that my adams-apple sees light again, and don’t worry, there will be photos!!

To Donate:
2016’s Link:

Here’s a collection of semi-current bearded selfies for reference…

And here’s a projection of what I will look like after the shave:



Update: The beard is gone.

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